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The policy provides cover for accidental loss or damage on an "all risks" basis, meaning cover is provided for everything as long as its not been specifically excluded from the policy. The policy includes a whole list of sections which are material damage, Theft, Money, Transit, Glass, Personal effects of Employees, All Risks and Any Other Loss.
This form of insurance is usually taken by the company financing the purchase or extending the credit to its consumers to protect him/her against defaults. This is basically to ensure repayments of loans in the event that the borrower dies, becomes disabled, or losses his/ her job. The consumer credit Insurance can be purchased to insure all kinds of
consumer loans, credit card debt, loans from the finance companies, and home mortgage loans.
This is a combined insurance policy for both the houseowners and the credit insurance to provide cover to the financing company under a home mortgage loan. Cover is provided for the building itself against all the perils listed under the Houseowners section. This is to ensure that the house (which is the subject matter in the loan agreement) remain existing until the loan is fully paid up. The credit Insurance section on this policy is to ensure that the loans will be fully re-paid in the event that the borrower dies, becomes disabled, or losses his/ her job or becomes sick that he may not be able to continue with his work to keep on paying for the loan.
This type of a policy covers loss or damage to the contents and /or buildings as a result of fire, lightning, explosion and its allied perils. Also included in the cover is burst pipes and overflowing of water tanks, impact, theft or attempted theft and malicious damage.
This is a comprehensive farming package targeted for the agricultural sector. It offers Crop and Livestock Insurance, all Personal Insurances a farmer would need, Farm implements and machinery, Horticulture.
Personal accident insurance provides you with the option of covering anyone in your household for personal damage or death as a result of an accident. Cover is provided in case of accidental death, accidental permanent disability or accidental temporary total disability and medical expenses as well.
This is a comprehensive personal insurance product which provides various domestic insurance covers for individuals. We have various schemes available which includes the Superior Scheme which has a wide range of benefits as listed below:
  • Basis of settlement is new for old
  • Power surge
  • Nil Excess
  • Average condition not applicable
  • Fast track claim settlement
  • Funeral Cover for Domestic Workers (Budget Cover)
  • 24 Hours Emergency Call Centre
  • Service providers :-  Plumbers, tree cutters, etc; Fire Brigade; Ambulance; Body Removal; Notification of next of kin

The other general covers available under this product line includes
Standard Houseowners - covers the individual persons fixed property that includes main houses, fixtures and fittings against fire and allied perils such as water damage, storm, lightning. Cover is also extended to liability incurred as a property owner to other parties i.e. trees falling on next door property.
Standard Householders - Covers the individual persons contents in the buildings against fire and allied perils, accidental damage, theft. Cover is also extended to liability as tenants i.e. damage to landlord's building or property.
Personal All Risks - This covers all the goods normally carried or worn by individual persons whilst on travel. Cover is on worldwide basis and includes damage, theft, fire, lightning and any form of damage.

Our buildings insurance product is mainly intended for business premises covering the building itself, the outbuildings, as well as all your permanent fixtures, fittings or any improvements made to the building. This means that the entire structure, including patios, driveways, gate motors to underground pipes and cables are covered. Cover provided is against loss or damage caused by fire, explosion, lightning and its allied perils. Included in this cover is also damage caused by leaking water-heating systems and water pipes.
This is a multiple peril policy that combines a host of policies or sections into a single policy which includes the assets all risks policy, Buildings combined policy, Public Liability, Employers' liability, Personal Accident and Fidelity Guarantee. This brings convenience to the client as he/she has to just remember on renewal date for his/her policy at renewal times. This is also less time consuming to both the client and the insurer because only one policy is to be produced.
This section provides cover against loss of turnover, standing charges and continuing costs as a result of an interruption to the business following damage by an insured peril. This is also known as loss of profits policy and cover is also put in place to protect shareholders funds.
This is the fastest growing segment in the insurance sector as vehicle insurance is mandatory for every acquired vehicle.  Vehicle insurance covers loss or damage by accident, fire, lightning, non political riot theft and third party claims (liability for third party injury or death, third party property damage). 
Motor is a broad term that covers an assortment of vehicles plying on the roads.  These are Two Wheelers like motor cycles and the Four Wheelers which are private vehicles, trailers and commercial vehicles. 
Apart from the statutory requirement to insure motor vehicles there are several reasons to have motor insurance.  It provides you with cover for all the risks associated with using a vehicle.
  • By buying a vehicle you have made a financial investment and that investment needs to be protected.
  • Legal obligations when using a vehicle on the public road are very extensive; it pays to obtain as much insurance as possible.
  • You may be liable to compensate the third party thousands of dollars if involved in an accident where someone’s property is damaged.
  • If a loss occurs you may need to replace your vehicle if it is considered a write-off or needs repairs if damaged.
There are three basic types of insurance in Zimbabwe:-
Third Party Insurance
The minimum insurance cover available only covers third party on the public roads,  third party property damage losses and legal liability on passenger.  This offers very limited cover.  Accident damage to own vehicle is strictly excluded.

Third Party Fire and Theft
This cover provides the same cover as Third Party with additional cover for damage to the vehicle as a result of fire or theft.  Premiums are slightly lower than comprehensive ones.

The cover is very broad, it is a combination of the covers provided for above and an additional on accidental damage to own vehicle.

We also have a number of schemes under our motor policy to cater for different clients’ needs:-

Courtesy Car cover
This will provide you with a courtesy vehicle if you are unable to use your vehicle following an accident.

Limited Mileage
By opting to do certain number of miles a year can reduce your motor insurance costs.

Ezytrack and Car Guard Schemes
Provides extra security on your vehicle at an affordable cost, The company will offer free installation of the tracking unit and one year subscriptions depending on the value of your vehicle.
This policy provides cover in respect of various vehicles that are in custody and control of the Motor Trader which are undergoing repairs, servicing or are for sale.

There are two types of policies:-
Internal Risk
Damage to the vehicles:- This section provides indemnity against damages to the vehicles arising from an accident which occurs within the motor trader’s premises.
Liabilities:- Indemnity is provided to the third parties in respect of death or bodily injury.

Extensions offered:-
Work Away:-  The insured may be required to do some repairs on a vehicle away from their business premises and the vehicle is damaged further.
Use of Hoist:- The system may fail and thereby damaging the vehicle.

Defective workmanship
Theft of accessories and spare parts
External Risk (Road Risk)
This section covers  accidents that occurs while the vehicle is on the road or temporarily garaged elsewhere other than the insured’s business premises.

Third Party Property damages and Third Party Bodily Injury or Death.
Extensions available:-
Transit and Delivery
Defective Workmanship
This cover provides liability cover to the safari operators for third party bodily injury and property damage claims arising out of their operations.  The certificate holder being the Safari Operator is provided cover for liability claims brought against them by the customers or guests arising out of and during the course of the operations as a guide up to the limits of the policy.
The insurance provides cover against loss of or damage to tobacco resulting from hail and or windstorm.  Policy extends to cover the crop whilst on transit from the fields to any curing facility and finally to the tobacco auction floor within the country against fire, non political riot and malicious damage.
There are two types of covers under this policy which is Cargo cover and Hull cover.

Cargo policy
This covers imported and exported goods while on transit from point A to B.  Goods are covered from point of collection while being loaded on a carrier until unloaded at the final destination.  Goods may be transported either by road, rail, sea or air. The risk covered in against the perils of sea, fire, collision and theft.

Marine Hull

This covers the vessels like ships, sailing boats and small crafts. Cover is against accidental damage while on transit and while in the water, malicious damage, fire and theft.   There are other extension that can be incorporated at an extra cost like Passenger Liability, Third Party liability and Skiers Liability.
This policy covers mainly medical expenses and other losses such as money invested in non-refundable prepayments incurred while travelling, either within ones own country or internationally.
Temporary travel cover may be arranged at the time of the booking of a trip to cover the duration of that trip or a continuous cover for the whole year may be acquired.
This policy covers a variety of travelers i.e Student travel, business travel and leisure travel. The common risk that are covered by travel insurance are Medical Insurance, Medical Evacuation, Repatriation, Dental Expenses, Optical, Baggage, Trip Cancellation and Curtailment, Personal Liability, Death and Permanent Disablement.